“Kier-La Janisse’s Work Meets a New Feminist Essential in House of Psychotic Women: Rarities Collection”

I’ve written about the “psychotic women” trope before, a’la Possession, and I’ve subsequently touched on the scholarly work of author, critic, and historian Kier-La Janisse, whose House of Psychotic Women is one of the most important books about genre cinema released in the last decade*. A couple months back, I went back to the psychotic women well for a big old box set stuffed with movies belonging to that canon, and none of which have been made available on home video in the U.S. until this year.

Pretty cool. The box set feels like an archaeological work the way Janisse’s book does, so I did a bit of that myself while critiquing the movies in the set – a worthwhile exercise.

You can read the piece over at Paste Magazine.

*The last three decades, I’d say, at the very least.


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