“‘Hellraiser’ Review: Jamie Clayton Shines In A New Adaptation Without Much On Its Mind”

Today, I am making a formal request to all movies made for streamers: Please light your movies so we can all see what the hell’s going on in every scene, especially movies where “hell” is on the marquee. 

The new Hellraiser, not a reboot but a new adaptation of the Clive Barker novella, isn’t “bad” per se. It’s better than most Hellraiser films, which is low praise given how bad most Hellraiser films actually are. But it’s disappointing given its sexlessness, its lack of eroticism, and its frankly formulaic re-kajiggering of its own lore; I can’t think of a faster way to make the Cenobites boring than giving them rules for passing the hook-chained buck onto someone other than yourself. 

But Jamie Clayton is good, and that’s something, so here’s my review for The Playlist.


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