“With ‘Pearl,’ A24 Perfects Its First Horror Franchise”

I did not like Ti West’s X. For a slasher about pornographers getting slashed after getting pornographic, it’s surprisingly conservative and not very sexy at all; I think the horror genre is undersexed, and I think this is partly why X got so many raves for its sexy sex, even though its sexy sex is not very sexy at all. People want horror to be horny again! 

Pearl isn’t “horny,” per se, but I think it’s a better movie than X by leaps and bounds, and I think it’s a better movie about desire than X, too. The kills are gorier, maybe aided by the fact that several are shot in broad daylight; there’s more drama and an actual story; and there’s more Mia Goth playing one character than two, as she does in X. If people who made their money barking about awards season all year long (literally) gave an actual shit about awarding good movies, they’d start talking about Goth. But they don’t give an actual shit. So they won’t.

I will! Goth is amazing. I get into why, and more for my Pearl review over at Inverse.

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