“Subversive Sylvester Stallone Story ‘Samaritan’ Can’t Stick Superhero Landing”

I say, in my review of this new Julius Avery movie, that we need more superhero movies like it, and a week after the fact, I mean it even more. You know why? Because I kinda like Samaritan more now a week after the fact, too. Beats me! The script is mildly confused and tonally hesitant – the story never fully commits to a groove – but the build-up to the big Sylvester Stallone line at the end is surprisingly satisfying.

Regardless: People, please take chances on movies like Samaritan, whether in making them or watching them. Not every movie about dudes and dudettes in spandex underpants* fighting evil has to have a basis in Marvel or DC. Someone could spin that movie out of whole cloth, like Avery and screenwriter Bragi F. Schut do with Samaritan. It isn’t that hard. All it takes is imagination, and also an actor like Stallone chewing his way through scenery.

You can read my full review over at Paste Magazine.

*Note: Stallone does not literally wear spandex underpants in this movie, c’mon, that would be silly.


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