You Need To Watch The Most Realistic Vampire Hunter Movie On Netflix ASAP”

“Most realistic” is all relative; Day Shift is still a vampire hunting movie where Jamie Foxx can absorb titanic levels of punishment and vampires often use Cirque du Soleil-level moves in combat, like bending into wagon wheels. (Think Soulcalibur‘s Voldo.) But, and maybe this is just a tell that I haven’t seen enough vampire hunting movies*, the niche is never about work. It’s about a higher calling. It’s about purposeDay Shift is about making bank. 

I like that. It’s a minor and seemingly irrelevant change in formula that gives the framework new perspective and lets the action, which is absolutely stunning, land differently. 

So I followed that thread in my recommendation piece for the good folks at Inverse

*I have seen more than enough vampire hunting movies. 


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