“‘When I Consume You’s Unsparing Horror Will Eat You Alive”

I mention this in my review of When I Consume You, one of the best horror movies you will see this year*, but there’s a chance I gave away too much of the plot. It’s hard to say. Everyone has their own sensitivity to spoilers and their own definition of what even a spoiler is, so I guess your mileage will vary. But things happen that are fundamental to the plot very early on, and I didn’t expect them, and the press release doesn’t even hint at them. I was surprised. Maybe I should have tried harder to preserve that surprise for my readers.

Regardless of all that: When I Consume You is stellar. I think Blackshear has quietly made a case for himself as one of the great American horror filmmakers in that his movies live up to a particular standard of horror that I consider constitutional to the genre, and in that his movies are just really, really good. Horror movies should be inventive. They also should be able to be inventive without spending tons of money. I can’t say what When I Consume You‘s budget is, because I don’t know what it is, but it’s clearly made on the cheap even if it doesn’t look like it. This isn’t to say that horror movies that have major funds are illegitimate or whatever as much as to say that horror is an accessible genre for filmmakers starting out because it doesn’t take a ton of cash to make a horror movie, much less a good one.

And When I Consume You is a good one, so you should read my Paste Magazine review and watch the film when you can.


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