“The Reinvention of Aubrey Plaza”

Even I’m amazed, after observing the trajectory of Aubrey Plaza‘s career since she first broke out, at how much stronger she becomes as an actress with every role; and how she has, in becoming stronger, turned herself into one of the best actors of her generation. That’s a long road to walk when the starting point is April Ludgate.

Not that Parks and Recreation didn’t demand excellence from Plaza, of course. It’s just that, well, Parks and Recreation is an Office spinoff, and you don’t always expect a show like that to produce an actress as good as Plaza. 

So I followed the trail she’s carved out for herself all the way up to her latest, Emily the Criminal*, in my latest piece for the New York Times.

*Technically her latest is Spin Me Round, but she’s only in it to provide sexual orientation confusion for Alison Brie’s character, and even then she’s only around for a handful of scenes before disappearing. Emily the Criminal is the nail worth hanging this argument on.

One thought on ““The Reinvention of Aubrey Plaza”

  1. I agree. I think Aubrey Plaza is an excellent actress and a very fun person. Watch her on the talk show circuit. Hilarious, suggestive, sexy and intriguing

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