“The Vandoliers Rock the Intersection of Country and Punk”

I went a little too hard in my first draft for this piece, and wound up coming off pretty condescending about folks living in the rural reaches of the U.S. of A. But look: People in those areas? They do weird shit for fun. Tipping cows, chasing moose, all that manner of thing. I guess they also make country music with punk rock attitude, or the other way around. 

The Vandoliers took a bit of head-wrapping before I could best articulate my thoughts on it; it’s a good record, but it’s a trip listening to something that sounds like Dropkick Murphys one second and Merle Haggard the next. You may think so yourself, if you’re curious enough to listen.

If you read my review, you might be, so do that over at No Depression.


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