“Everything You Need to Know About Session IPAs”

This piece took a lot of doing, but I got to exchange questions and answers with Sean Lawson, Vermont brewing king and a guy whose beer is core to strong memories I have of my late Uncle John.

John and my aunt, Caryn, lived in the Warren area; she introduced me to Heady Topper, but because the old dynamic used to be that you were either an Alchemist person or a Lawson’s person, John preferred Lawson’s. So he decided to surprise me with a pack of Super Session one year on a visit, and we sat on his porch eating brownies, drinking Super Session, and basking in the Vermont sunset.

The opportunity to write about session IPAs on a broader scale meant an opportunity to talk about Super Session, which makes this piece surprisingly special to me. You can read the whole thing over at Hop Culture.


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