“The 10 Best End Of The World Movies”

I dunno. Is the world ending? Sorta feels like it, though as I write this the rain has finally returned, the temperature has dropped about 20 degrees, and I’m on my last day of quarantine*, so things are looking up? I think?

Search me why people like watching end-of-the-world movies, or post-apocalypse movies. Certain movies of this make, like the Mad Max movies, put enough of a remove between us and what’s happening on screen that the gravity of the scenario is easy to tolerate; others, like Silent Night and Melancholia, like rubbing our noses in the fall of man and the destruction of Earth, and I find those much harder to stomach**.

But I’ve seen enough of these movies that picking 10 good ones wasn’t a stretch, so I’ll invite you now to go to Cool Material to check the list out.

*No negative test yet, but I feel confident.
**Particularly now that I have 2 kids. Silent Night was an especially hard pill to swallow.

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