“Freddie Gibbs and Diego Ongaro on the Realism of ‘Down with the King'”

Oh hey, it’s that movie I’ve been telling you about since last year when I reviewed it out of Cannes. And it’s that director I’ve been telling you about since, oh, 2014 or so.

Every now and again I stumble upon a filmmaker whose work just clicks with me. I think my affinity for Diego Ongaro’s movies, all two of them so far, winds back to the way they relate to the movies of Kelly Reichardt and Agnès Varda – two of my all-time favorites. To the additional credit of Ongaro’s new film, Down With The King, I also happen to be a fan of Freddie Gibbs, and I could not at first wrap my head around his casting in a film set in Berkshires farmland.

Watching the movie solved that problem. A year later, I tracked Freddie down with the help of Down With The King‘s producer, and got him on a Zoom with Diego, which just felt right. The results don’t speak for themselves. You have to read them. Words don’t speak, c’mon, don’t be silly.

The full interview is available over at Paste Magazine.


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