“The 5-Minute Guide to Hazy IPA Food Pairing”

Well, I’m no cicerone, but I’d say I’ve done a fine enough impression here.

It doesn’t take much to figure out what kind of beer to have with which kind of meal; you just have to drink lots of different kinds of beers while eating lots of different kinds of meals. That’s where I come in. I’m a professional Fat Kid, who also happens to be over 21, and has spent a long time drinking beer for fun and meager profit. This is what I do.

Now that I’m done booping my own snoot: The best pairing you’ll ever come up with is a beer you really love with food you really love. But if you want to play your food and your beer off of each other, well, listen to people better versed in the art of food-and-drink pairing than I am.

But also listen to me and read my piece about pairing food with hazy IPAs, which can be found over at the ol’ Hop Culture.


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