“Bale Out The Candles: Celebrating 4 Christian Bale Anniversaries In 1 Month”

Watching Hollywood misuse actors with multifaceted talents is a particular kind of downer. Take, I dunno, say: Christian Bale. Christian Bale is an American psycho who has hawked newspapers, fought dragons, become the night, and enforced draconian laws on a populace desperate to just feel their feelings. Hollywood of late has mostly seized on him as a leading man for shitty prestige-bait biopics like Vice and American Hustle, a film so embarrassing for all involved* that I’m tempted to just pretend Amsterdam doesn’t exist.

Such is my love of Bale that I went hard in the paint talking about his great worth as an actor in movies that don’t share that same esteemed gloss. You may read the piece over at Music, Movies, & Hoops.

*Except David O. Russell, who, if his unbidden admission to molesting his transgender niece is any indication, is incapable of feeling shame. Worse filmmaker, or worse human being? You decide, gang!


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