“With ‘Cosmopolis,’ a Limo Ride That Redefined Robert Pattinson’s Career”

I could talk about what this article is about, being my unending fascination with and admiration for Robert Pattinson, but I’m really here to talk about one thing, and that’s my first* byline for the New York Times.

Did I write a thoughtful, insightful piece about how David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis, now turned 10 years old, allowed Pattinson the means and opportunity to make a clean break from his Twilight associations as well as his budding image as a romantic lead? You bet your cheeks I did, but look, it’s really important that you understand I wrote that piece for the New York Times.

I have wanted to dig into Pattinson’s career and the figure he now cuts as one of the best actors of his generation for ages, much as I have done with Daniel Radcliffe and Dan Stevens*, but I have also wanted to get my name in a major paper like the New York Times, and guys: That’s what I did.

Anyways. You can read this whole piece about Robert Pattinson over at the New York Times.

*I can’t tell if it’s weirder that two of these three actors who I see as being related in terms of career pivots into oddball genre shit are named Dan, or that they’re all Brits.


One thought on ““With ‘Cosmopolis,’ a Limo Ride That Redefined Robert Pattinson’s Career”

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