“You Need To Watch The Most Ludicrous Action Movie Ever On Netflix ASAP”

One of RRR‘s dual protagonists crashes a British raj soiree with a truckload of captured jungle animals, wolves and tigers and bears, oh my, armed only with two torches and a hero’s heart, and that’s still only the fourth most over the top sequence in the movie. You must take this as an endorsement. I am giving you no other option. RRR, as the kids say, slaps.

Maybe a 3-hour Tollywood* epic about two men on opposite sides of the law who become bros and then go back to being enemies, and then maybe back to being bros, sounds too daunting for your tastes. It’s a quick 3 hours. You can also break it into 1.5 hour chunks if you like; your choice! But try watching it!

You can read my whole review over at Inverse.

*The Bengali-language film industry.


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