“The Kids Aren’t Alright in Lean, Mean ‘Homebound'”

Why do I expose myself to horror movies about creepy kids? I’m talking new and old ones alike. Why do I watch them? Why would I bother putting that kind of thing in my face now that I am a dad with two kids of my own? Great question. Why would anyone watch horror movies in the first place, no matter their niche, because horror movies so often end with people meeting grim demises or cruel twists of fate? I guess because we all like to confront our mortality in our own ways and in the safety of a movie viewing. Something profound like that. 

Homebound didn’t really ask me to confront anything, though. In the end, weeks later, it actually gave me a sense of validation: I am not a terrible parent, so terrible things won’t happen to me at the hands of my own kids. What a relief.

You can read my full review over at Paste Magazine.


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