“‘Knocked Up,’ But I’m Pro-Choice: A One-Seventh Of A Century Retrospective”

I am not entirely sure that this piece qualifies as me “staying in my lane.” I’m not a woman, I’m not an activist, I’m not an advocate, or at least the last two of these I can’t really comfortably call myself because I’m passively pro-choice; I don’t attend rallies or write letters to senators or call my representatives, I mostly do what people my age tend to do when they’re roused by a social or political cause. I bitch about it on social media*.

But I’ve also seen Knocked Up a million times, I’m well-read and informed, and I’m smart enough to connect all the dots between this movie, which is 15 years old and predates our current end-times predictions about Roe v. Wade, and what will hopefully be a surprising-in-a-good-way Supreme Court verdict later this month. So I connected the dots. It’s what I do.

You can read my words on these important subjects over Music, Movies, & Hoops.

*I actually don’t do this at all, because social media is no longer an outlet I actively use for bitching about things; I also find that the more people bitch on social media, the less they actually do in real life in service of whatever causes they get riled over. They do tend to judge others’ use of social media, though!


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