“‘Blade II,’ Still Sharp”

Okay, you got me, it’s well past expiration on this Blade II piece for Paste, but life happened when this published and so yeah, I’m sharing it now, wanna fight about it?

Believe it or not there was a time* when Guillermo del Toro didn’t make Oscar-winning movies, but superhero vampire movies where vampires get burned up and there are also super-vampires with mouths that look sorta kinda like genitals. Dude has kinks. But that’s what makes Blade II great! So goes part of my thesis.

You can read the rest over at the pages of ye olde Paste Magazine.

*In fairness that time is still now; he made Pan’s Labyrinth between two Hellboys, then followed the second of the latter with Pacific Rim, and he just did Nightmare Alley, a film far too cruel for any Oscar attention other than an obligatory BP nom.


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