“50 Years Ago, Andrei Tarkovsky Made The Most Disturbing Sci-Fi Movie Ever”

I am on a Twitter detox of sorts: I only log in once over two or three days to catch up on messages, and then I log off before I reflexively curse out right-wing politicians and “intellectuals” for promulgating hateful falsehoods. So imagine my delight* when I logged on the other day and found a polite** note from a helpful*** fan**** correcting my interpretation of Andrei Tarkovsky’s Solaris, which turned 50 this year. As far as I’m concerned, the movie concludes with the hero choosing to live a lie. As far as my very pleasant***** reader is concerned, I have the whole movie wrong and should rewrite the piece! Wacky fun.

Solaris isn’t Rashomon, but it is very much open to interpretation even 50 years after its release, so I was quite pleased to be able to write about it for Inverse, the place to go to for anniversary pieces on great (or not so great) classic and contemporary movies. Have a gander.




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