SXSW ’22 Coverage Round-Up

Ha ha, hilarious, yes, SXSW was well over a month ago and you can’t see the two films I reviewed out of the festival just yet, well-played Andy!

I dunno. I simply forgot. I didn’t wring as much work out of SXSW as I did Sundance, but that’s the way it goes. I didn’t enjoy either movie as much as I enjoyed the best movies I saw at Sundance, though I did enjoy one far more than the other. You’ll have to guess which.

First: Linoleum, a science-fiction midlife crisis movie where Jim Gaffigan gets it in his head that he can repair a fallen satellite and build a rocket ship in his garage. It’s sweet and Gaffigan is revealing, but as a whole the film is a muddle.

Second: Slash/Back, a sci-fi horror movie about teenage girls on the Baffin Islands who fight off an alien invasion right out of the John Carpenter playbook. It rocks.


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