“Noomi Rapace Aptly Leads Dour, Trudging, Icy War Film ‘Black Crab'”

Everyone relates to an actor or two or more so closely, and appreciates their work so much, that merely seeing their name on a project is enough to guarantee the price of admission shall be paid. I guess Noomi Rapace is that to me*.

My loyalty is such that I absolutely had to watch Black Crab, her latest, a movie that feels like an anonymous production by dint of Netflix’s apathy toward promotion of their originals. Be real: You wouldn’t know about this movie if I wasn’t posting my review of it right here, right now. That’s okay! I don’t blame you! I blame Netflix!

The movie is fine, and perhaps more than fine in the rear view, but it has some good Rapace in it, and that’s recommendation enough. You can read my full review here.

*My list is quite long, and includes Mads Mikkelsen, Ruth Negga, Nicolas Cage, Dan Stevens, Winston Duke, Andrea Riseborough, Aubrey Plaza, and Song Kang-ho, but yeah, Rapace is on there for sure.

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