“The Most Mind-Blowing Sci-Fi Thriller Of 2021 Is Finally Streaming Online”

I really do believe, strongly, right down in my chubby gut, that Titane isn’t quite a horror movie, but also it isn’t not a horror movie, and ultimately, in the very end, designations probably don’t matter that much when the movie is this good. I mean: Horror, sci-fi, thriller, whatever. Who cares. It’s a fucking movie, shut up, you’ll enjoy it.

You might actually not enjoy it, because above all else it’s bizarre, and gruesome, which is a shame because if you do not like bizarre and/or gruesome movies, then you’re going to miss out on the deeply moving human drama in the second and third act, which is all  central to pulling together, well, everything else. Maybe give it a chance! You might find that you love it! You might also throw up and then refuse to heed my recommendations from now on*!

Read my full review of Titane over at Inverse.

*Let me tell you about the time when, in my first year working at my first job out of college, I convinced a coworker to watch Ichi the Killer. Pretty sure I couldn’t even persuade him to watch jokey YouTube videos for a while after that.

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