“‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ Review: David Blue Garcia Lets Leatherface Rip In Delightfully Gory Sequel”

Of all the films to cause a ruckus on Horror Film Twitter, I wasn’t at all expecting to see dividing lines drawn in the digital sand over a Texas Chainsaw Massacre sequel.

Ha! Sike. Yeah, I was, except that the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre film, which in acknowledgment of the Facebook age drops the “the” from the title of the original, is pretty good, unless you don’t like things that are awesome. Then it isn’t. 

I’ll concede that there are certain details here I have no use for. I’m not a fan of the Halloween ’18 route the movie takes, even if Olwen Fouéré is really badass and even if her first scene with Leatherface feels like an indelible character moment between them; I don’t think the choice to bring back Sally Hardesty pays off. 

You know what does pay off? All the chainsaw massacring, right down to the final shot. I dunno. I like gory horror movies. Beats me, I don’t understand people who watch horror movies but turn their noses up at that kind of thing.

You can read my full review for The Playlist here.

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