“Hellbender And The Generation Gap”

I really hoped to do more coverage on Hellbender than a single piece, but no one nibbled on a larger and expansive piece on the Adams Family. So here we are. But hey: This is a good piece! I’m biased.

Horror movies like Hellbender jab at the heart of horror filmmaking in ways the big, glossy, and overpraised movies released in horror’s current golden age – I’m looking at you, Ari Aster – simply can’t. Horror is inclusive. Making a horror movie doesn’t take a whole lot other than a small cash investment, some hands, maybe an arm and a couple legs, and tons of ingenuity. 

As far as I know, each of the Adams have all of their limbs and digits, and most of all they have that ingenuity. They also have family values, which I think inform Hellbender‘s story. I think. I can’t say for sure. I’m not an Adams.

You can read the full piece over at Fangoria.


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