“Brush Up on Your Adam Leon with the Director’s Breezy ‘Italian Studies'”

It’s always a pleasure covering a director’s work from the very start and seeing how they evolve over time. Adam Leon, for instance, showed up on my radar 10 years ago*, and I have labored to check out his movies ever since. 

Weirdly, critics haven’t embraced Italian Studies as easily as Tramps or Gimme the Loot; I suspect its lack of straightforwardness is a turn-off for most given how grounded and “real” the other two are. But Italian Studies is real! It just isn’t grounded! It’s airy and just a tad surreal, but…that’s okay! Directors can pivot. Even Leon!

You can read my full review over at Paste Magazine.

*10th anniversary Gimme the Loot piece, let’s goooooo


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