“The Most Dazzling Sci-Fi Movie Of 2021 Reveals A Dark Internet Truth”

Every now and again an outlet double-books a review. It happens. No one is perfect. In this case I’m really happy the double-booking happened, because it means that Inverse now has not one, but two very good pieces about Mamoru Hosada’s extraordinary new film, Belle.

I should note: Belle, like Petite Maman and The Worst Person in the World*, fell into the release date limbo too many great movies fall into during awards season; studios put these movies into theaters for a week for an awards qualifying run, then give them a full commercial release a month later (or more). I hate that shit. Critics are too often treated as unpaid helping hands for PR as it is. This strategy makes sense but also makes me feel like I’m being used. 

That’s a bummer for me and for Belle, which likely would have ended up on my best-of list for 2021. Anyway. Who cares. It’s a good movie. This is why awards are dumb. 

Read on and dig my full review for Inverse. (And then check out my BOFCA compadre Allyson Johnson’s piece, too.)

*Important bulletin: I have a piece about this movie incoming. Now you know.


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