“‘Jockey’ and ‘Pig’ Highlight the Myriad Powers of the Character Actor”

I originally pitched this piece as an interview with Clifton Collins Jr., and one day I hope that I can get on the phone with him again after speaking with him almost a decade ago during the Pacific Rim press tour. But the pitch evolved into a piece about Collins’ status as a character actor and how that translates into his work in Jockey as the lead, coupled with an examination of David Knell’s role in Pig (which, of course, was also pitched as a separate piece).

Putting both of them together works better, it turns out, though again, I’d love to run an interview with Knell specifically. (One day. Hey, AMPAS: Nominate Knell for a supporting Oscar for Pig, you wankers.) I think Knell and Collins demonstrate, in their own way, the value and strength of a good character actor. These are two of my favorite performances of last year.

Read the full piece over at Paste Magazine, I command it.


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