“George Clooney’s Sentimentality Can’t Prop Up ‘The Tender Bar'”

I have made a habit of holding back and not brutalizing movies in reviews as much as I may once have. I don’t think that serves criticism particularly well. Plus: Real people are behind the lens and I’m not interested in hurting their feelings, even though I am interested in offering my full opinion on the result of the efforts, flattering or not.

I will make an exception for bland oatmeal like The Tender Bar, because George Clooney probably doesn’t need his feelings spared and frankly because I’d really like it if he stopped directing and focused on things he’s good at. I’m baffled that after making a movie as good as Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, he has staunchly failed to drum up the same verve for future productions. Just mind-boggling.

You can read my full review for Paste Magazine.


One thought on ““George Clooney’s Sentimentality Can’t Prop Up ‘The Tender Bar'”

  1. Interesting that you should mention this movie when I just drove past the house where the whole family lived, yesterday. Interesting note the lady that actually lives refused to leave her house even though Clooney promised to put her up in the nicest accommodations. I took some pictures but don’t think I can attach them here

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