“‘Agnes’ Review: The Genre Subversion Of This Horror Nunspolitation Compels You”

Sometimes I like movies more than maybe they deserve* because they swerve so far away from the expectations of their niche. Agnes is one of those movies. The reality is that I could watch this movie even if it just stuck to a convent and focused on Ben Hall, who is kind of a hoot playing an over-it, amoral priest; the reality is also that that movie would have been more or less in line with what nunsploitation films are all about, most of all nunsploitation films that belong to horror.

But this is an interesting picture and maybe one day I’ll revisit it and reevaluate it, if a reevaluation is necessary. Meantime: I dug what Mickey Reece did here.

You can put eyes on my full review over at The Playlist.

*This is a weird way of saying that I like it when movies defy expectations and do something different with their genre. I’m not exactly saying Agnes doesn’t deserve the score I gave it, but I also am cautious enough to accept that I may be giving it a bump specifically because it defies expectations and not necessarily because it does so well.


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