“2021 Was An Even Wilder Year Than Usual For Nicolas Cage”

Hey, look at that: I’m talking about Pig again.

This time, at least, I’m focused on Nicolas Cage, with a broadened perspective on the 2021 Cage had between PigWilly’s Wonderland, and Prisoners of the Ghostland; you can guess which of these I like most. And second. And third. In fact, they’re in ranked order above.

Cage is one of the most exciting actors – movie stars – we have today, and if that makes you raise your eyebrows, then I suggest you read this big ol’ rundown I did for Polygon. That’s all! It’s just a suggestion!

*Yes, I like Willy’s Wonderland more than Prisoners of the Ghostland, because Prisoners of the Ghostland is fake as hell.

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