“Faith-Filled Kurt Warner Biopic ‘American Underdog’ Is Surprisingly Fine, If Not Good”

American Underdog isn’t anywhere near the kind of Christian drama movie I allude to in my review, but it’s close enough that I was incredulous, as I sat through it, to learn that…it isn’t terrible? 

Wait! Wait! It isn’t good either! Don’t walk away from this blog! American Underdog is not my idea of a “good” movie; rather, it’s perfectly watchable and inoffensive as far as films rooted in cheesy Christian sentimentalism go. It probably helps that Kurt Warner is a real dude, and that’s enough of a building block to cut through that sentimentalism.

Anyway. Weirder things have happened than me giving a movie like American Underdog a half-passing grade. You can read my full review over at Paste Magazine


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