“‘The Tragedy of Macbeth’ Reveals The Biggest Problem With ‘Game Of Thrones'”

First: Despite the Apple TV+ tag on this movie, you won’t see it on streaming until 01/14. It is currently in theaters if you’re comfortable watching movies in theaters at present. To each their own. 

Second: The provocative headline should not, I hope, distract from the meat of this piece about what Shakespeare adaptations look like on screen today with Game of Thrones behind us* and the post-Thrones world before us. Mostly I just want to talk about The Tragedy of Macbeth, one of my favorite 2021 pictures. But I would be lying if I told you I didn’t think about Thrones here and there while watching the film. So here we are! A bit of cultural analysis wrapped in a tight piece about this very, very good movie.

You can read the whole piece over at Inverse.

*Technically ahead of us, since there’s more comin’ down the pipeline.


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