’14 Peaks: Nothing Is Impossible’ Aims High But With Too Broad A Scope [Review]’

Critiquing a movie about a subject whose work I would never attempt myself is always a little embarrassing. Here, the work is “mountaineering,” and the subject is a climber who broke just about every record on the mountaineering books while also saving a few lives along the way and generally being awesome. I’d like to hang out with Nirmal Purja. If he took me up a mountain, I’d only ask that the mountain be small, maybe more like a “hill” than a “mountain.” 

I like him so much as a figure that this documentary devoted to his character and his jaw-dropping Herculean accomplishments bothers me for how broad a brush it paints him with. This is real shit! It’s cool that Purja defied odds and faced a whole lot of death, but either make the movie about that visceral experience, or make it about the details that made him who he is, but don’t just make…this, I guess.

It isn’t the worst thing in the world but it’s a letdown all the same. You can read my full review over at The Playlist.


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