“‘The Feast’ Review: Lee Haven Jones Mixes Various Horror Tastes To Create A Delightfully Welsh Fright”

I couldn’t tell you if it’s weirder that the best horror movie I’ve seen all year was directed by an artist from the same Welsh town as my mother-in-law, or that the second best horror movie I’ve seen all year made its Welsh premiere at a horror festival in the same town*. Whatever. Who cares. They’re both sterling.

The Feast is straightforwardly gross, which I dig, and also excessively Welsh, which I dig even more, because frankly I’m not sure most of my American journalist colleagues understand that Welsh is its own language and that Welsh people are separate from the English**. Anyways: The Feast is Welsh down in its soul, and made beautifully, and boy, the horror, hoo man, food and horror make such a delectable combination.

You can read my review over at The Playlist.

*Abertoire. One day I’ll attend, I swear it.
**Much less that the English oppressed the Welsh and nearly sent their language on to extinction!

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