“Bugnuts: The Snake Girl and the Silver-Haired Witch”

Wacky horror movies get an extra star for going the extra mile and just being straight-up bananas. Do that. Do more of that. We’re missing bananas in our contemporary horror cinema. People are just too fucking serious. Have a little fun! Melt a toad into a skeleton or something! Lighten up! 

Alternately: Be a 1960s Japanese horror movie!

This is not possible. It is 2021. Also, not everyone is Japanese. Silly you! You thought you could go back in time and somehow be a Japanese filmmaker making a break from their normal milieu in hopes of avoiding pigeonholing. I bet you feel like a real goof right about now. You’re not Noriaki Yuasa. No one is. He made The Snake Girl and the Silver-Haired Witch, too, so you’re probably pretty jealous.

This is a constitutionally strange movie, strange enough that I had to write a strange lead-in before this part of the post: You can read my full thoughts on this underseen delight over at Fangoria.

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