“Adam Ethan Crow’s Haunted Airbnb Story ‘Lair’ Needs Stronger Layers”

A plea to first-time horror directors: Send me your scripts. I’ll trim away the stuff that makes no sense and emphasize the things that do. I’ll make your movie better, if not outright good. Let me disprove the smug belief that critics are critics because they can’t actually make movies. Nyah nyah.

I really like what Adam Ethan Crow has going on in Lair from a macro view. But watching the movie, I felt it ache for a thorough script edit; I doubt Crow directed off of a rough draft, but that’s the sense I got. This thing needed to be sanded down around the edges, and with that extra bit of work, you’d have had something solid and cohesive and with a good bit more of Corey Johnson and Oded Fehr. As it stands, I’m curious to see what Crow does next*.

You can read my full review over at Paste Magazine. (Fairness is as fairness does, too: This poster kicks ass.)

*Hopefully cast Fehr for more than 10 minutes of setup.

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