“‘The Beta Test’ Is The Most Intense Noir Thriller Of 2021”

Jim Cummings’ The Wolf of Snow Hollow came out last year. For a moment, while researching my piece on The Beta Test, his new movie, I thought I was experiencing time dilation, but no: It’s a 2020 movie. Cummings is a busy man. He’s also constantly improving. I genuinely think The Beta Test, co-directed with PJ McCabe, is his best movie to date.

But I can’t just review a movie sometimes; sometimes, I have to dig deeper. So I talked to a friend who set me up with one of their colleagues, and we talked about data scraping, the very real and very dangerous practice driving The Beta Test‘s plot; if the movie didn’t have me sweating, then learning about the real thing certainly did.

You can read my full feature over at Inverse.


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