“The 5 Ways COVID-19 Changed People’s Drinking Habits”

It’s good, occasionally, to remember that craft beer is a business as well as a culture, and that while the end goal is social, the mechanics that get us there are commercial. 

COVID-19 screwed a lot of things up. For beer, it screwed up the money; sales dropped over the course of the last year and change. It also screwed up the convivial aims of craft brewing. The latter’s the reason people brew beer. The former’s the lifeblood that makes brewing possible.

I reached out to a few breweries, plus as many people as I could via social media, to give me their thoughts on how COVID-19 changed the way that we drink; it took time, and a bit of legwork, but I think we’ve all learned something here. 

You can read the full piece over at Hop Culture.

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