“The Language of Silence: Valdimar Jóhannsson on ‘Lamb'”

The legwork needed to find a matching time for me and for Valdimar Jóhannsson to hop on Zoom to talk about his feature debut, Lamb, constitutes a marathon. But it happened! And the results are, in my opinion, very good!

If you have not heard of Lamb, don’t worry: It is not part of the Farmland Cinematic Universe, and you do not need to see Pig first to make sense of it. Lamb is the one about the Icelandic farmsteaders whose sheep births a lamb-human hybrid, which they then raise as their own. It’s sweeter than it sounds by a million miles, and much less disturbing, because contrary to a handful of reviews, it isn’t a horror movie.

You may read the entire conversation between Valdimar and I over at the Roger Ebert dot com, my first piece for them in a while.


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