“‘Welcome to the Blumhouse’s Insistence on Consistency Can Stifle New Horror Voices”

I’m more interested in and compelled by the Welcome to the Blumhouse series as an exercise in continuity and inclusion than as a collection of films. The films aren’t exactly good, which doesn’t help; they aren’t bad, either, but they’re smushed, and in being smushed they’re both inhibited and let down at the same time.

I’ll explain. They’re inhibited because they’re prevented from fully being what they need to be to work as movies and not just as the limbs of the Welcome to the Blumhouse experience; they’re let down because if the entire point of that experience is to open up opportunities to marginalized voices in horror, then smushing actively works against that point. 

Oh, I do go on. You can read the full piece over at Paste Magazine.


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