“SPOTLIGHT: Joshua Ray Walker Puts the Sounds of Sunset into ‘See You Next Time’”

I can’t help admiring artists with ambition, who lay out their ambition clearly on paper and carry it out so seamlessly in their work that you forget the ambition is written into the work in the first place. Joshua Ray Walker’s Wish You Were HereGlad You Made It, and now See You Next Time make up the parts of a cohesive whole, a country trilogy about a honky-tonk bar closing down, but you don’t really need to listen to the others to make sense of one of them; they complement each other but they’re their own closed circuits.

I spoke with Walker about See You Next Time, which came out this month, and about his plans for the future now that he’s done with this part of his career; we also talked about COVID, because there’s really no way not to at this point.

You can read the entire piece at No Depression.


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