“‘Costa Brava, Lebanon’ Is A Stellar Near-Future Family Drama”

There’s a Lebanese restaurant just a few minutes near my home that we’ve been eating at for about the last 14 years. To clarify, this means that they make very good food, and also that the owners are wonderful, warm people who have pride themselves on remembering their customers and getting to know them. They also have photographs of Beirut decorating the restaurant’s entryway.

I thought about those pictures, that restaurant, and those kind people as I watch Costa Brava, Lebanon, a terrific film from Mounia Akl that reveals a side of Lebanon I’ve never seen before. Maybe one day the world will be safe and I’ll sit down with the owners to ask them the burning questions I have about Beirut after seeing this film, which I hope you also get to see sooner than later.

You can read my full review for The Playlist.


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