“‘See’ Season 2: Jason Momoa’s AppleTV+ Series Still Feels Like A ‘Games Of Thrones’ Knockoff”

See‘s difficult title aside, I’d like to point out that the header on my piece about the show belies my feelings: I actually mostly like it, with a few key criticisms. As Game of Thrones knockoffs go, it’s solid, and of course there’s a Jason Momoa in it, and I can hardly resist Jason Momoa in most things

I do wish the writing was tighter. Characters have conversations with each other, either to explain something or to argue, and then when the show cuts back to them, they have more or less the same conversation, which is really not my favorite thing. I don’t need the repetition. But everything else, the imagination in particular, really jazzes me up.

You can read my full review of the show’s second season over at The Playlist.

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