“‘In the Same Breath’ Offers a Rare Glimpse of Life in Wuhan at the Beginning of the Pandemic”

I’m always delighted when documentary filmmakers turn out to have a sense of humor; it’s a prejudice of mine that I always assume documentarians, being nonfiction storytellers who focus on typically weighty subjects, don’t abide jocularity. Not that they aren’t, or can’t be, funny people, but more that they may not have time for funny business in interviews.

Nanfu Wang had a sense of humor, and there we were, talking about the COVID-19 outbreak, which hit especially hard for her given that her hometown is a couple hours away from Wuhan. 

Our conversation taught me a lot and gave me new thoughts to chew over, both about life in general and about her film In the Same Breath, which has stuck in my head since I saw it at Sundance earlier this year.

You can read the full feature over at Mic.


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