“Video Nasties: Evil Ed’ And ‘Censor'(ship)”

I’ll probably look at horror through the lens of Censor, 2021’s best horror movie so far, for the rest of the year and likely beyond; that movie sits at the center of a big moment in horror cinema’s history, so it’ll stay relevant even when it isn’t obviously relevant. Case in point: Evil Ed, a movie about censorship that’s totally unlike Censor but has the same spirit at heart. The heart just happens to be gorier.

There are monsters here, too, which is a ton of fun; nothing like imagining a bunch of union guys banging away on monster costumes on set. Altogether I think Evil Ed is the kind of movie that deserves more attention than it got and still gets, so maybe take a gander at my piece for Fangoria for a good argument in its favor. 


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