“In the Original ‘Candyman,’ Curiosity Is Recognized as Transgression (and Dealt with Accordingly)”

Proof that good editors are invaluable: This piece turned mostly into a drag on the new Candyman movie in theaters (and on demand), which I couldn’t abide for its lack of a throughline. It’s a mess. But this piece isn’t really about that Candyman; it’s about the other Candyman, the original Candyman, which remains a classic no matter how bad the sequel* is.

People are curious in horror movies every day. I don’t think all of them make a big deal about curiosity the way Candyman does. So I honed in on that, and hey, now here’s the completed and much better piece.

You can read the whole thing over at Paste Magazine.

*It’s a sequel! The 2021 film is a sequel! Something about that rubs me wrong. Maybe it’s that the sequel effectively gentrifies the original, a bitter irony given that DaCosta’s film is partly about the sin of gentrification.

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