“‘Pig’: Nic Cage Does Sad ‘John Wick’-Style Revenge As If It Were Directed By Kelly Reichardt”

Yes, Pig is that movie you’ve maybe been hearing about where Nicolas Cage’s pig is stolen from him and he goes to get it back. No, it isn’t anything like an action movie or a revenge movie or even what you likely think of when you think of a Nicolas Cage movie, though let me make it clear: This movie rules, and he’s great in it.

There’s a stigma, I think, to “Nicolas Cage” as a concept, in that most people likely think of him as an overacting looney tune instead of an actual actor. Well: He’s an actual actor. He might be one of the best working today. Pig makes a good argument for that, and the most palatable example from his recent roles given that what he’s doing here much more closely what people tend to consider “acting” compared to, say, Mandy*

You can read my full review over at The Playlist.

*Note: He is spectacular in Mandy.

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