“‘Down With The King’: Grammy-Nominated Artist Freddie Gibbs Gets Disenchanted With The Rap Game & Checks Out”

I estimate that by now I have said enough things about Diego Ongaro’s Bob and the Trees that I shouldn’t need to say more, but there’s no such thing as too much when it comes to movies that are,

a) great, and
b) underappreciated across the board

So: Tough. I’m saying more about Bob and the Trees, because Ongaro’s new film, Down With The King, premiered at Cannes this weekend and I jumped on the review for The Playlist (which you should read). Naturally, the piece touches on Bob and the Trees. It’s mostly about Down With The King, of course, so there’s that, but I have to take this opportunity to tell everyone to see Bob and the Trees, too. In fact: Here’s a guide with streaming options. Get on it.

Now: Down With The King. You can read my full piece here. Suffice to say that it’s an absolutely wonderful movie, and when it’s in theaters, I will not shut up until you watch it.

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