“‘Black Widow’s David Harbour Is Marvel’s First Dad Bod Superhero”

Should the dad bod be a real trope? Probably not. If you ask me, and of course you will, I think it’s as harmful for men as it is for women. But you know what’s more harmful? A monoculture dominated by a studio that feeds its male movie stars through a conveyor belt and molds them into chiseled shape by the time they come out the other side. I mean, for Christ’s sake, can’t I have Kumail Nanjiani? Why’d you have to make him all shredded, Marvel*?

David Harbour is a wonderful exception to that practice, being not only an actor whose presence always guarantees my interest in anything, but the only costumed hero in a Marvel movie (that I can think of!) who actually struggles to get into his costume. This could have been played for laughs. It is not. And it’s great. 

So I wrote all about it for Men’s Health, naturally.

*Not that Emily V. Gordon minds, I’m sure, but I mind very much, Emily. I mind very much.


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