“The 10 Best Craft Meads We’re Drinking This Summer”

Ha! Suckers! I love mead. I always will. I could use a break from mead, though, because I drank a fucking lot of it for this rundown of the drink itself and 10 really good meads you should maybe put into a glass and imbibe this season. Even the hot ones. Even the sweet ones. 

Any of them. Seriously. If you need mead I have so much mead sitting on my shelves. Even if you don’t need mead, I am giving you mead. Teetotaler? Don’t care. Have some goddamn mead. I’m not joking: There’s a lot of mead. Please, help me, I can’t put anything else on my shelf, all is mead, there’s mead everywhere, help me. Help me. Help me.

…but I do like mead and I have a few favorites here. I will not say which ones out loud. You can’t make me. 

You can read the full article over at Hop Culture, though. And you can also have some mead, as a treat. (Please.)

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